This calculator is provided as a tool for potential applicants to determine whether they would meet the minimum requirements for a University of California Mortgage Origination Program loan. The key program parameters are:

  • Applicants must be members of the Academic Senate or Senior Management Group
  • The ratio of all secured monthly mortgage payments (principal + interest) to total verified monthly household income may not exceed 40% (P&I/Income Ratio). If you are receiving secondary financing, this ratio is called the Combined P&I/Income ratio.
  • The ratio of all monthly debt obligations (housing and non-housing debt) to total verified monthly household income may not exceed 48% (Overall Debt/Income Ratio).
  • Maximum loan-to-value ratios (LTV) are as follows:
    - For MOP loans <= $2,370,000*, maximum LTV is 90%
    - For MOP loans > $2,370,000*, maximum LTV is 80%
* Loans greater than $2,370,000 require additional campus and systemwide approvals.

These parameters indicate the generally allowed factors, however, each loan application is separately reviewed and a pre-approval or final loan approval may be based upon more restricted parameters. Output from this calculator is based on "estimates only" for informational purposes and does not constitute a pre-qualification.

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